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Oracle SOA Suite 12c has been released

Today, Oracle SOA Suite 12c has been released. It brings important enhancements and improves integration and orchestration of applications and services spanning on-premises, cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
For more information please refer to:

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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 and JavaOne 2012

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 conference is in its full swing in San Francisco. More than 50.000 attendees from over 123 different countries registered for the conference and they have more than 2.500 available sessions to attend. More interesting facts about the conference can be found here:

The conference kicked off on Sunday, September 30, when Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison announced several new services. To existing PaaS and SaaS offering under Oralce Cloud, a new IaaS offering is available. Oracle Cloud also got an extension called Oracle Private Cloud. It provides clients with the same functionality as in the public cloud offering, but the location for hardware is provided by clients. Hardware is owned and managed by Oracle. Following the Private Cloud announcement, Ellison announced Oracle Database 12c, as the first multitenant database. The last major announcement was Exadata X3 Database In-Memory Machine. It uses 26 terabytes of memory and is designed to store entire databases in memory. Larry also gave a talk on Tuesday’s keyword informing the public about the importance of underlying cloud infrastructures on which SaaS applications are running. He pointed out that they are the only cloud provider who is giving their customers the choice of deployment. He predicted that many on-premise customers will move to the Oracle public cloud in the future.

For other information about the Oracle Open World conference visit the conference web site:

In parallel to the Oracle OpenWorld 2012, Java One 2012 conference is taking place. Feel free to explore its website:




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Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 PS5 (

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 PS5 ( has Kamagra been released. Please check OTN for download.

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This post is a follow up on the post where we described how to propagate a transaction from WebLogic 11g (WLS) to WebSphere 8 (WAS). Post is located here: It is describing transaction propagation in the opposite direction from WLS to WAS using WS-Atomic Transactions.

In this follow up I will describe transaction propagation from WAS to WLS using WS-AT.  I am using the same two JAX-WS Web Services as are used in the previous post. One is deployed on WAS and one on WLS. They both contain operation insert() which we use for inserting a record in a database table. For this each environment uses a separate database and has configured a corresponding XA Data Source. We implemented additional JAX-WS Web Service facade. Its penis enlargement extender role is to start a global transaction and invoke other two services inside this transaction.



Main steps:

  • From the previous post we use XA-enabled data source and both web services that participate in a global transaction.
  • Next step is to configure WAS transaction service for interoperability and proper WS-AT version (we used WS-AT version 1.2) using WAS administrative console.
  • We can also configure WAS to use Secure Socked Layer connection for WS-AT coordination or disabling it in case we do not want to use it.
  • Implement the facade Web Service. There we are calling both web services in one global transaction which is controlled using Java Transaction API (JTA). Both service clients must have attached proper WS-AT policy. We also recommended using WS-Addressing.

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In October IBM has announced release of IBM Business Process Manager V7.5.1 which became available today (electronic distribution, for media package you will need to wait until next month). This is the first minor release after IBM released unified BPM platform that we have introduced earlier this year.

In this release of BPM the major step forward is the enhanced BPMN 2.0 support where IBM was stepping behind its rival Oracle. (more…)

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Oracle OpenWorld & JavaOne 2011 Day One

The Oracle OpenWorld conference kicked off this evening in San Francisco with keynote presentation from Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. There he unveiled Next-Generation SPARC SuperCluster T4-4, introduced the Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine and much more. Several use cases from Cialis major world companies were also presented, who use Oracle’s finest technologies (Exadata and Exalogic) to power their SOA/BPEL information systems in order to achieve greater performance, availability and lesser cost.

More about the conference here.


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BPM Suite Feature Pack Released


A few days ago, Oracle released BPM Suite Feature Pack, which includes many new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Some of the most important new features:

  • Improved Business Process Composer (snapshot support, enhanced sharing and collaboration, improved ease of use)
  • New Business Analyst features (report generation, BPMN 2.0 collaboration view)
  • Advanced Service Integration (Support for BPMN Correlation and Conversation) Buy Viagra
  • Richer Human Workflow
  • Improved Process Analytics (Round-trip simulations, Improved BI integration)
  • Several improvements for developers (Draft-mode, Custom logging, Rule test framework, Enhanced rule audit trail, Workspace customization, BPM API javadoc available)
  • And more…

For more info, please refer to: What’s new in BPM Suite 11g R1 PS 4Feature Pack

BPM Suite feature pack  is intended to use for BPM customers only!

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JavaOne and Oracle Open World 2011

I’m currently at the Oracle HQ at the product briefings and I can tell you that there will be big news, both for Java, and for other Oracle products, such as SOA, BPM, and particularly Cloud (unfortunately I cannot disclose any information due to NDA).

Therefore it makes sense to pay attention to both conferences. For all of you not attending, you can follow the keynotes on YouTube live!

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Marcel Krizevnik and Matjaz B. Juric will attend Oracle Open World 2011 and JavaOne 2011 in San Francisco. Matjaz will also join the Product Briefing at the Oracle HQ, SOA / BPM Partner Advisory Council, SOA Partner Community Reception, SOA CAB, SOA Governance CAB, and several other meetings.
More info:OOW 2011

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SIOUG 2011 Presentations

Next week we will have several presentation at SIOUG 2011:
– Keynote on Java EE 7 and the Cloud
– Keynote on Java EE 7 and the Cloud
– Presentation Payday Loans on BPM/SOA
– Workshop on BPM Suite 11g and SOA Suite 11g
More info: SIOUG 2011

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