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Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

An interesting comparison of IaaS products.

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Cloud to Be Most Disruptive Technology of 2013

Cloud to Be Most Disruptive Technology of 2013:

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A Good Reason to Learn Cloud Computing: 7M Jobs by 2015

A Good Reason to Learn Cloud Computing: 7M Jobs by 2015:

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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 and JavaOne 2012

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 conference is in its full swing in San Francisco. More than 50.000 attendees from over 123 different countries registered for the conference and they have more than 2.500 available sessions to attend. More interesting facts about the conference can be found here:

The conference kicked off on Sunday, September 30, when Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison announced several new services. To existing PaaS and SaaS offering under Oralce Cloud, a new IaaS offering is available. Oracle Cloud also got an extension called Oracle Private Cloud. It provides clients with the same functionality as in the public cloud offering, but the location for hardware is provided by clients. Hardware is owned and managed by Oracle. Following the Private Cloud announcement, Ellison announced Oracle Database 12c, as the first multitenant database. The last major announcement was Exadata X3 Database In-Memory Machine. It uses 26 terabytes of memory and is designed to store entire databases in memory. Larry also gave a talk on Tuesday’s keyword informing the public about the importance of underlying cloud infrastructures on which SaaS applications are running. He pointed out that they are the only cloud provider who is giving their customers the choice of deployment. He predicted that many on-premise customers will move to the Oracle public cloud in the future.

For other information about the Oracle Open World conference visit the conference web site:

In parallel to the Oracle OpenWorld 2012, Java One 2012 conference is taking place. Feel free to explore its website:




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Long Live SOA in the Cloud Era

An interesting article why Cloud and SOA are the perfect mix: InfoWorld

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Our team

Cisco Workshop

We attended the workshop at Cisco European headquarters in Bedfont Lakes, Feltham (London, United Kingdom). The purpose of this visit was to evaluate Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System), CIAC (Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud), Cisco Nexus 1000v Series Switches and other Cisco technologies for the purpose of IaaS cloud development. We have done a deep dive into Cisco Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) products, such as Cisco Cloud Portal, Cisco Process Orchestrator, Cisco Network Services Manager and Cisco UCS Manager. The visit also included tour of Cisco’s Customer Proof-of-Concept Lab (CPOC).

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Hewlett-Packard will offer a Cloud Computing service similar to Amazon Web Services. This should happen in about two months. HP Cloud will be focused more on enterprise users and will offer personalized services. The cloud should support Java, PHP, Phyton, and Ruby. The highlight HCG Diet will be an online store for selling, renting and purchasing applications. Another difference will be that HP will several install small data centres around the globe. This differs from Amazon’s, Google’s and Microsoft’s approach with few large data centres.

More info:

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European Science Cloud

Because of the increasing concerns over America’s Patriot Act, CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), ESA (European Space Agency) and EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) are going to launch a massive cloud computing project called Helix Nebula – a science cloud named after a large planetary nebula in the Aquarius constellation.

The goal of this European project (with a two-year pilot phase) is to become a mainstream cloud for scientists by the year 2020. It will contain scads of data, with open source tools and an “infinite amount of computing power” accessible from any device, anywhere. The project will include all the major companies in the Europe, including Atos, Capgemini, CloudSigma, Orange Business Services, SAP and two Telco companies: Telefonica and T-Systems. Some well-known organizations are also going to participate, such as CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), OpenNebula Project (founded as an European FP7 project) and the EGI (European Grid Infrastructure).


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