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Oracle SOA Suite 12c has been released

Today, Oracle SOA Suite 12c has been released. It brings important enhancements and improves integration and orchestration of applications and services spanning on-premises, cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
For more information please refer to:

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IBM Impact 2013 – Whats New in IBM BPM 8.5

At the global IBM conference (Impact 2013) some new features of IBM BPM 8.5 have been introduces. The most important enhancements are listed below:

  • Simplified IBM BPM installation, configuration, and administration reduces time and effort to setup, manage, and expand IBM BPM
  • Improved business process outcomes by significantly enhanced support for out-of-the box and custom dashboards
  • New, internal document repository to consistently store document attachments, both internally and externally, using CMIS “live” linkages between process documentation in Blueworks Live
  • “live” linkages between process documentation in Blueworks Live, and corresponding IBM BPM process applications improve collaboration, communications, and change tracking between business process stakeholders
  • Enhanced web service security and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) header support in the IBM BPM standard runtime
  • Included entitlement for IBM Worklight Enterprise Edition Environment accelerates developing IBM BPM applications on mobile devices

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Coach Views in IBM BPM v8.0

Coach Views are new feature in version 8.0 and enable reuse of custom, user-defined coach controls, sections and templates. In practice, this means that we can build one control for a certain business object and use it on multiple user interfaces in multiple human tasks. Because business processes are usually all about modifying a business object through a series of steps, performed by various participants, this is an extremely useful option which saves us a lot of redundant work.

In this blog we will take a look at how to build them and how to use them within coaches.


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Coming this summer: IBM Business Process Manager V8.0

At a recent Impact event, IBM announced a next step towards highly integrated, easily scalable business process management environment, IBM Business Process Manager V8.0.

IBM BPM 8 includes tooling and runtime for process design, execution, monitoring and optimization and is focused on continuous and simplified process improvement, adopted for process owners and business users.


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BPMN 2.0 online validation

Are you wondering if your BPMN 2.0 process models are BPMN 2.0 specification valid? Using this free online tool you can check your BPMN 2.0 model files for well-formedness and validate them towards the BPMN 2.0 schema.

BPMNValidationToolImageThere is also a web service interface available. WSDL of the service can be found at


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Lately, when I have been trying to install a new version ( of IBM BPM environment, I have encountered an unexpected problem. I have installed Integration Designer along with Process Server and BPM Process Center (PC) on the same virtual machine. After installation, I have first created a Process Server Profile and after and then a PC profile.
Creation of both profiles went smoothly and both profiles started normally. Then, I opened Process Center Console on the second profile and downloaded Process Designer (PD) installation files. I installed PD and tried to open it. And there was a surprise. Although I have just downloaded files from process center, which was therefore obviously running, PD has displayed the following error: “Attempt to connect to the Process Center failed. Verify that the server is running.”. (more…)

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In the first post of this series we have described capabilities of IBM’s BPM platform and today we will take a closer look at Process Designer component, capable of designing and executing BPMN business processes. IBM Process Designer (PD) is a heritage of WebSphere Lombardi Edition and according to IBM enables you to model and implement your business processes and easily demonstrate process design and functionality during development efforts. In this post I will show you how to create and execute a simple process using PD.


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In October IBM has announced release of IBM Business Process Manager V7.5.1 which became available today (electronic distribution, for media package you will need to wait until next month). This is the first minor release after IBM released unified BPM platform that we have introduced earlier this year.

In this release of BPM the major step forward is the enhanced BPMN 2.0 support where IBM was stepping behind its rival Oracle. (more…)

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In this series of blogs, we will present you a demonstration of capabilities of IBM’s latest platform for business management, introduced earlier this year, that includes tools such as Process Designer, Process Center and Integration Developer. In this first post, we will get to know the entire platform and see how mentioned tools are meant to work together.


IBM BPM 7.5 platform

Heart of the new IBM’s BPM platform is the Process Center. When you install IBM BPM Advanced 7.5, amongst other things you get a Process Center with Process Center Server profile. Process Center is a central repository for all artifacts (data objects, interfaces, etc.), created and used during business process design. It enables us to use and modify these artifacts in Process and also Integration Designer. (more…)

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BPM Suite Feature Pack Released


A few days ago, Oracle released BPM Suite Feature Pack, which includes many new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Some of the most important new features:

  • Improved Business Process Composer (snapshot support, enhanced sharing and collaboration, improved ease of use)
  • New Business Analyst features (report generation, BPMN 2.0 collaboration view)
  • Advanced Service Integration (Support for BPMN Correlation and Conversation) Buy Viagra
  • Richer Human Workflow
  • Improved Process Analytics (Round-trip simulations, Improved BI integration)
  • Several improvements for developers (Draft-mode, Custom logging, Rule test framework, Enhanced rule audit trail, Workspace customization, BPM API javadoc available)
  • And more…

For more info, please refer to: What’s new in BPM Suite 11g R1 PS 4Feature Pack

BPM Suite feature pack  is intended to use for BPM customers only!

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