Oracle SOA Suite 12c has been released

Today, Oracle SOA Suite 12c has been released. It brings important enhancements and improves integration and orchestration of applications and services spanning on-premises, cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
For more information please refer to:

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Packt Publishing celebrates their 2000th title

Known for their extensive range of pragmatic IT ebooks, Packt Publishing are celebrating their 2000th book title `Learning Dart’– they want their customers to celebrate too.
To mark this milestone Packt Publishing will launch a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer across all eBooks on March 18th – for a limited period only.
Here are some of the best titles across Packt’s main categories – but Buy One, Get One Free will apply across all 2000 titles.

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Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

An interesting comparison of IaaS products.

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Java EE 7 has been approved

The Java EE 7 Platform has been approved by the Java Community Process. The main objective of Java EE 7 was to enhance productivity and add support for the latest web standards, including HTML5 and Web Sockets. To simplify the development, Java EE 7 has a revised Java Message Service (JSR 343), updated dependency injections (JSR 346) and refined the managed bean model (JSR 349).

Four new specifications have been added:

  • Concurrency Utilities for Java EE 1.0 (JSR 236)
  • Batch Applications for the Java Platform 1.0 (JSR 352)
  • Java API for WebSocket 1.0 (JSR 356)
  • Java API for JSON Processing 1.0 (JSR 353)

The following specifications have been improved:

  • Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 (JSR 342)
  • Java Persistence 2.1 (JSR 338)
  • JAX-RS: The Java API for RESTful Web Services 2.0 (JSR 339)
  • Java Servlet 3.1 (JSR 340)
  • Expression Language 3.0 (JSR 341)
  • Java Message Service 2.0 (JSR 343)
  • JavaServer Faces 2.2 (JSR 344)
  • Enterprise JavaBeans 3.2 (JSR 345)
  • Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE 1.1 (JSR 346)
  • Bean Validation 1.1 (JSR 349)

Other JSR with maintenance changes include:

  • Web Services for Java EE 1.4 (JSR 109)
  • Java Authorization Service Provider Contract for Containers 1.5 (JACC 1.5) (JSR 115)
  • Java Authentication Service Provider Interface for Containers 1.1 (JASPIC 1.1) (JSR 196)
  • JavaServer Pages 2.3 (JSR 245)
  • Common Annotations for the Java Platform 1.2 (JSR 250)
  • Interceptors 1.2 (JSR 318)
  • Java EE Connector Architecture 1.7 (JSR 322)
  • Java Transaction API 1.2 (JSR 907)
  • JavaMail 1.5 (JSR 919)


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Cloud to Be Most Disruptive Technology of 2013

Cloud to Be Most Disruptive Technology of 2013:

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A Good Reason to Learn Cloud Computing: 7M Jobs by 2015

A Good Reason to Learn Cloud Computing: 7M Jobs by 2015:

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Long Live SOA in the Cloud Era

An interesting article why Cloud and SOA are the perfect mix: InfoWorld

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Our team

IBM Champion Award

Matjaz B. Juric has been selected as an IBM Champion for WebSphere software.

Excerpt from the original letter: “IBM Champion program recognizes individuals who make outstanding contributions to our IBM communities by evangelizing and advocating solutions; sharing their knowledge and expertise; and helping nurture and grow independent communities.

After reviewing your nomination and related information from communities with which you are involved, the selection committee agreed that your efforts over the last 12 months distinguish you as a true IBM Champion. You are among an elite group of enthusiasts to be chosen for this recognition. Congratulations!”

This is the third award for Matjaz B. Juric, who has also received Java Champion and Oracle ACE Director awards.


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