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In last spring, our cloud computing center took part in IBM WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance V2.0 Beta Program, where we got to know and experience first-handed IBMs hardware appliance, which dispenses and manages IBM middleware to virtualized servers and private cloud computing environments. Our practical experience confirmed that CloudBurst Appliance (CBA) offers powerful and very easy to use graphical interface for configuring and deploying single-instance or clustered virtual environments running WebSphere Application Servers (WAS) or Process Servers (WPS).

IBM CloudBurst Appliance

IBM CloudBurst Appliance


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In case you wanted to publish your applications directly from WebSphere Integration Developer to the remote WebSphere Process Server you might have come across the situation where you are able to add a remote server in your WID environment but when you try publishing your projects to the server, you receive the following error: “Failure uploading archive to server”.

failure uploading archive to server

It is a simple issue but it can take a lot of time to solve it if you don’t know where to look and I must say that the above message isn’t the most informative one I’ve ever seen. However, I have discovered that this happens if your server is not a member of domain at the time of installation and WID is unable to recognize the hostname, written in the configuration file. (more…)

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