European Science Cloud

Because of the increasing concerns over America’s Patriot Act, CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), ESA (European Space Agency) and EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) are going to launch a massive cloud computing project called Helix Nebula – a science cloud named after a large planetary nebula in the Aquarius constellation.

The goal of this European project (with a two-year pilot phase) is to become a mainstream cloud for scientists by the year 2020. It will contain scads of data, with open source tools and an “infinite amount of computing power” accessible from any device, anywhere. The project will include all the major companies in the Europe, including Atos, Capgemini, CloudSigma, Orange Business Services, SAP and two Telco companies: Telefonica and T-Systems. Some well-known organizations are also going to participate, such as CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), OpenNebula Project (founded as an European FP7 project) and the EGI (European Grid Infrastructure).

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