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Slovenian Innovation Forum has been kicked-off

In October IBM has announced release of IBM Business Process Manager V7.5.1 which became available today (electronic distribution, for media package you will need to wait until next month). This is the first minor release after IBM released unified BPM platform that we have introduced earlier this year.

In this release of BPM the major step forward is the enhanced BPMN 2.0 support where IBM was stepping behind its rival Oracle. (more…)

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Cloud computing workshop (KC CLASS)

The cloud computing workshop for KC Class (Cloud Assisted ServiceS) is taking place today at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry effects of increased dose of cialis of Slovenia. The presentation slides can be downloaded using link below:


Unfortunately, the slides are available only in Slovenian language.

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New book published Do more with SOA Integration

A new book has been published by Matjaz B. Juric and Marcel Krizevnik with the title Do more with SOA Integration.

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In this series of blogs, we will present you a demonstration of capabilities of IBM’s latest platform for business management, introduced earlier this year, that includes tools such as Process Designer, Process Center and Integration Developer. In this first post, we will get to know the entire platform and see how mentioned tools are meant to work together.


IBM BPM 7.5 platform

Heart of the new IBM’s BPM platform is the Process Center. When you install IBM BPM Advanced 7.5, amongst other things you get a Process Center with Process Center Server profile. Process Center is a central repository for all artifacts (data objects, interfaces, etc.), created and used during business process design. It enables us to use and modify these artifacts in Process and also Integration Designer. (more…)

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High Performance Extensible Logging

HPEL or High Performance Extensible Logging is a new feature of IBM WebSphere Application Server version 8.0. It provides efficient logging and tracing utilities for storing and accessing log, trace, system.err and system.out data. It is an alternative to java.util.logging logger that was used as a logging utility on WAS.

HPEL stores and processes log and trace records in a binary form which is the main reason for its efficiency. As you can see in the figure below (source IBM Publib), primarily HPEL engine forwards streams into two repositories (log and trace). Text format is also supported but should be disabled when performance is a key concern.


If we want to use HPEL we must firstly enable it and secondly configure it.


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