How about security in the cloud?

Whenever I listen to a presentation or read an article about cloud computing, the first question is always about security of data in the cloud. Certainly, this is an issue, but it has also become a grateful standpoint for cloud skeptics and opposers. It has been stressed many times that there are plenty of tools and algorithms for secure data transportation and storage, such as encryption, digital signatures, SSL, etc. Therefore, in my opinion, the issue of cloud security depends solely on trust. Do you trust your cloud provider? In case of an accident, will he take responsibility and recover your losses?

A good analogy would be our banking system. Today we keep all our money in the banks. We trust them with all of our savings and it all seems perfectly normal. But when the first banks were established in 14th century, I am pretty sure that an old sock under the pillow seemed Levitra to be a much safer place to keep the money. It has taken us centuries to get us where we are now. Even nowadays the banking system is not perfectly safe and there are people that have lost everything because of it. However it’s obvious to all of us that benefits exceed the potential risks.

And this is exactly what cloud computing should focus on. Providers should stress the advantages of cloud computing and persuade customers that benefits are worth the potential risk. Additionally, none of the providers can guarantee 100% safety of the data, but they should build trust by appropriately approaching eventual difficulties. Getting used to new things can be a lengthy process, but on the bright side, today changes in the world are much more rapid and I believe we will get used to the idea of our data in the cloud much faster that we did of money in the bank.

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