Business Process as a Service

Business Process as a ServiceApart from already known IaaS, PaaS and SaaS lately there is a buzz going around about a new concept of cloud computing, called Business Process as a Service (BPaaS). The idea is to provide the entire vertical end-to-end business solutions for certain industries, as a Cloud service. While using SaaS you would have to rent a number of separate applications and orchestrate them into your business process, in case of BPaaS your cloud provider does this for you.

On the bright top direct lenders for payday loans side, customers get an instant and low-cost access to best practice business processes, ranging from general business activities to more industry specific solutions, such as accounting, retail, power management etc., without large investments into staff and software. However, a problem might arise when your business processes require certain customizations or involve competitive advantages. In this case, appropriateness of this approach depends heavily on the selection of your BPaaS provider.

You can find some more information about BPaaS on this link.

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