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Oracle Node Manager brief overview

In this blog post I will provide a brief introduction on one of the important components of Oracle WebLogic Server called Oracle Node Manager. WebLogic Server instances are in production environment often highly distributed, usually across multiple domains, machines, or even geographic locations. Oracle Node Manager is intended to simplify and centralize control options over those distributed instances. It provides us with abilities to start, stop or restart Administration Server and various Managed Server instances from remote location using a graphical interface. Node manager is optional, but highly recommended in WebLogic Server environment. It is one of the key features of Oracle Cloud Application Grid technologies.


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IBM Workload Deployer

In last spring, our cloud computing center took part in IBM WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance V2.0 Beta Program, where we got to know and experience first-handed IBMs hardware appliance, which dispenses and manages IBM middleware to virtualized servers and private cloud computing environments. Our practical experience confirmed that CloudBurst Appliance (CBA) offers powerful and very easy to use graphical interface for configuring and deploying single-instance or clustered virtual environments running WebSphere Application Servers (WAS) or Process Servers (WPS).

IBM CloudBurst Appliance

IBM CloudBurst Appliance


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Last week we have talked about Increasing the JVM heap size in WAS7. We have identified some problems that may arise from too small heap size for our server. Same thing can occur in our development tools based on Eclipse such as WebSphere Integration Developer.


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Increasing the JVM heap size in WAS7

Intensive use of WAS7 often slows down the server because of too often garbage collection. Most frequently this situation arises when WAS profile is augmented with at least two products, i.e. WPS and Monitor or WPS and Fabric. This situation can be avoided by increasing the JVM heap size. JVM heap size can be increased through administrative console or by using scripting. (more…)

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