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Java SE Version 7 is Coming

The JDK7 Developer Preview Release (aka Milestone 12, aka Build b130) is now available. Java SE 7 will bring some important additions, such as JDBC 4.1, Unicode 6.0, TLS 1.2, Swing JLayer, translucent and shaped windows, enhanced locale support (IETF BCP 47 and UTR 35), NIO.2, elliptic-curve cryptography, etc.

There will also be several enhancements to the programming language (aka Coin). JAXP, JAXB, and JAX-WS will also be enhanced.

Lambda and Jigsaw have however been deferred to Java SE 8.

Try it out!

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Oracle SOA Suite 11g PatchSet 3 ( released!

Oracle SOA Suite PS3 brings many bug fixes and some important new features.

Let me mention some of the most important improvements:

Full BPEL 2.o support

The run time support for BPEL 2.0 has been already available for a while, what’s new is the design time support in JDeveloper

When creating new BPEL process we can select which BPEL version we want to use:


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In case you wanted to publish your applications directly from WebSphere Integration Developer to the remote WebSphere Process Server you might have come across the situation where you are able to add a remote server in your WID environment but when you try publishing your projects to the server, you receive the following error: “Failure uploading archive to server”.

failure uploading archive to server

It is a simple issue but it can take a lot of time to solve it if you don’t know where to look and I must say that the above message isn’t the most informative one I’ve ever seen. However, I have discovered that this happens if your server is not a member of domain at the time of installation and WID is unable to recognize the hostname, written in the configuration file. (more…)

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Presentations at DSI in April 2011

Presentation at IMPACT in April 2011

Presentation at IMPACT 2011 (with Swami Chandrasekaran): Next Generation Order & Service Provisioning Management Platform (link)

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Presentation at ODTUG Kscope in June 2011

Presentation at ODTUG Kscope 2011: Business Activity Monitoring Unleashed; SCA and SDO in SOA (link)

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Cloud services are accessible from anywhere where Internet connection exists. However, they can be accessed even faster than you might think.

Let us take Google Translate for example. We are doing much research and are making publications so we often need to translate something from a foreign language to Slovenian and back. You know, when you know that you know the word but just can’t remember it that instance … In this case we have to surf to, select target language (sometimes even source language if automatically detected one is not correct), enter text and thanks to AJAX we do not have to press the Translate button. Could we do it even faster?

Yes, we can.


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